Peak Rating System

Tourism Whistler’s Accommodation Rating System – Third Party Evaluation of Whistler Properties

  • Five Peaks – Luxury accommodations for the sophisticated traveller. The very best Whistler has to offer, these properties typically offer complete personal service, deluxe surroundings and the highest standards of comfort with the most extensive facilities and services.
  • Four Peaks – Superior accommodations geared toward the discriminating traveller offering excellent hospitality and customer service. They may offer a wider range of amenities and services.
  • Three Peaks – Comfortable accommodations offering above average facilities and services with some amenities.
  • Two Peaks – Modest accommodations suitable for those seeking value over atmosphere. They offer limited on-site facilities and services.
  • Not Rated – Properties whose owners chose not to participate in the Whistler Peaks Rating System will receive a “Not Rated” listing.

We take pride in the ratings that our properties have acheived.